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vineri, 19 mai 2017

Comet Element Earrings and Summer Necklace

This is a fun and easy element to bead, which can look very different depending on what type of beads are used. The tutorial is on etsy

 I know I went a bit overboard with the pictures, but I just couldn't stop shooting these ;)

marți, 28 martie 2017

Earrings - squared

I have a new listing in my etsy shop, it's for three different earring patterns in one. Whew, I thought I would never finish this, it has been on the "to do and be done with" list since forever.
I'll make the introductions:


 Lucky Charms
  and Lace


vineri, 17 martie 2017

2 Floral Necklaces

Spring is in the air and our jewelry should also be blooming. Here are two feminine, flowery necklaces to wear while roaming the botanical gardens.