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marți, 28 martie 2017

Earrings - squared

I have a new listing in my etsy shop, it's for three different earring patterns in one. Whew, I thought I would never finish this, it has been on the "to do and be done with" list since forever.
I'll make the introductions:


 Lucky Charms
  and Lace


vineri, 17 martie 2017

2 Floral Necklaces

Spring is in the air and our jewelry should also be blooming. Here are two feminine, flowery necklaces to wear while roaming the botanical gardens.

luni, 13 martie 2017

New Pentagon Earrings

Have you ever wondered what to do with small amounts of leftover beads? From dainty, to boho and elegant, these earring patterns work up fast and easy and are perfect for using up the few beads that always remain from larger projects.

This is the new listing in my etsy shop for three easy to intermediate difficulty earring beading patterns. Included is also the Rail Road Tracks bracelet pattern.
This is a great beading tutorials pack.

I've also updated the Jungle Flower set with some delicious new images. It was rather difficult cu photograph myself but I think it turned out ok,